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Relearn Academy - Redefining Cyber Security Solutions

Relearn Academy is a potential emblem of Flipflop Inforsec Labs, which is a start-up initiative of NITTTR, Chandigarh, and an Information Security R&D Company, headquartered at NITTTR, Chandigarh. The USP of Flipflop Inforsec Labs is that our working system revolves around a robust four-pillar program incorporating the area of Faculty Development, Student Skill Development, and Industry-Institute Interaction and Research & Publication. What makes us stand out of the rest is our unique vision to meet the skill requirements of the industry and generate productive employment, especially in tier-2, tier-3 towns, as well as in the rural part of the country. The Flipflop Inforsec Labs is being recognized as the best Cyber Security Institute in Chandigarh for providing hands-on training in information security, offering top-notch practical training to polish the skillset in potential individuals as well as corporates around the nation. Our effective Cyber Security Training in Chandigarh is conducted by highly experienced practitioners who are dyed-in-the-wool penetration testers. Over the last three years, our academy has flourished in every facet by the following material at a cutting edge as well as updated with the most recent developments in the information security to develop the next generation of the talent pool in India.

Relearn Academy incorporates a standard structure of courses outlined in different aspects of information security domains. Moreover, we also offer customized training that further contributes to the skilled India Mission started by the Government of India. Last but not least, Relearn Academy is here to mentor, train, and supports your career in cybersecurity.

Why Join Relearn Academy?

Job oriented Industrial training

Module wise approach for complete training with the approach to train from novice to expert, in coordination with the market trends in cyber security. Crafted after analyzing the trend from various corporate positions.

State of the art virtual labs

After completion of the course the trainees will get access to virtual labs developed in house by us. Each lab will be unique in its approach for to be penetrated. On completion of lab you will be entitled for an EXTRA CERTIFICATE.

inhouse job opportunity after training

On successful completion of training, the trainees who will perform well and penetrate into most labs can also earn job opportunity in Relearn as paid interns first and later on various research positions.

Interactive Teaching Method

The course is unique in its way of content plus by the flexibility of classes in both online and offline mode. In case the students is from far flung region, they can still continue the course by the ICT Mode (Online classes).


The course will be mentored by professionals having more than 8 year experience in the respective area with complete certifications by Cisco. Faculty is awarded with several awards and is on the panel of various committees.

Assistance in the job placement

After successfully completing the course and have penetrated into virtual labs been developed in house, the deserving candidate will be reffered by us to various of our alumni students who are working in various good positions in reputed corporates.

Be A Part of something great

take the first step. We will do the rest.

What They Say?

Develop a potential Career through Cyber Security Training Institute in Chandigarh

Cyber Security experts or the information security analysts are assigned with an extensive range of responsibilities. Still, the crux of their profession is to safeguard the online data from being compromised. Since more of our sensitive and personal data is stored online, the more crucial it becomes to step up online security.

Moreover, cyber security companies in Chandigarh predict and state that there will be a significant rise of 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally by the year 2021. Data from potential recent research says that cyber security professionals tend to make about 9 percent more as compared to other Information Technology workers. Ethical hacking is no less than a boon for the qualified professionals. Career in cyber security is significantly beneficial in many ways, and the roles can be found with banks, retailers, as well as government organizations. In this particular job field, you can expect to protect an organization’s essential files and network, install firewalls, create security plans, as well as monitor all the online activities. If or when a breach occurs, you will be responsible for locating the problem and finding a solution to fix it as quickly as possible.

With the dawn of the Digital World, cyber-attacks have significantly grown in number. Because of the frequency of attacks, careers are varied, and hence qualified cyber security expert in Chandigarh are in demand.

If you are all set to kick-start a fast-growing career in this field, then Relearn Academy is the right platform.

Our team​

Relearn Academy

We diligently aim toward providing hands-on training using the potential concepts such as the virtual labs as well as the cyber ranges.

Equiped classrooms

Relearn Academy

Experience the updated virtual computers lab. This lab is equipped with projectors, updated computers system, high speed internet facility.

Enjoy classroom mates

Cyber Security Expert in Chandigarh

Make your learning better with relearn, as it provide an encourages environment.

Live Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Training in Chandigarh

We provides virtual labs access 24 X 7, to make learning much better with live penetration testing.

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