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What is the significance of cyber security in Digital India?

“Make in India” as well as “Digital India” are the two prominent initiatives launched by the Indian Government lately. “Digital India” focuses on transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, on the other hand, “Make in India” aims to facilitate investment, foster innovation, safeguard intellectual property, enhance skill development and build ace manufacturing infrastructure. Both the aspects together will strengthen the brain as well as the brawn of India, respectively, leading to a prosperous and healthy country.

However, these initiatives will kiss success only if the industries and enterprises flourish and prosper. The enterprise and industries would grow only if they take care of the four prominent Ms of manufacturing, that is, Man, Machine, Material, and Methods and now, most significantly, the cyber security.

The cyber training institute in India has also become an integral part of the modern era.

Why did cyber security become the very backbone of the industries as well as the enterprises now? Almost 25 years from now, no one had heard of hackers or didn’t know about hacks either.

However, this is mainly because of the Internet. The World Wide Web did not come into being with a Big Bang just like the Universe, but it surely is expanding like the Universe in all directions and now has become all-pervasive.

Internet has changed the face of the modern era. The adoption of the technology by businesses and industries just in the blink of an eye has made mobile-banking, online shopping online trading, as well as networking possible. Its many advantages help the business expand and grow by creating new opportunities.

However, the Internet today is not altogether a safe place because its anonymity also harbours cyber criminals. These criminals have found ways as well as means to launch cyber attacks on banks, manufacturing and large financial organizations, industries, as well as even other nations. The motive behind such crimes is financial gain, or ill-conceived patriotism or just sheer destructive fun.

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is mainly an insidious type of attack. However, it may not be detected for years, while this threat erodes the cyber security of the target. This gives rise to the importance of cyber crime courses in India.

Following are the reason behind the increased number of hacks:

  • Cyber criminals are highly diligent, motivated, and intelligent experts in the IT field.
  • Cyber security professionals lack effective expertise, quality training, as well as require the intense motivation needed to combat these individuals.
  • There is a proliferation of hackings tools on the internet, but cyber security tactics and tools have not evolved to that extent.
  • Political boundaries and geographical distances do not matter because cyber attacks can be launched from anywhere around the globe.

To fight this issue and bridge this gap, the enterprises and businesses should upgrade the skills of their cyber security as well as the IT staff by initiating quality training and certification as a short-term measure. Today cyber security course in India has become a full-fledged thing. As long-term planning, cyber security courses have been introduced at the graduate level and encourage international certification bodies to take into account various skills-based cyber security courses as well as performance-based skillset testing practical examinations.

Relearn Academy is known for providing the best cyber security courses in India. We diligently aim toward providing hands-on training using the potential concepts such as the virtual labs as well as the cyber ranges.

Furthermore, there are 1.0 billion mobile phone users in India and majority of us are not aware of the fact that smartphone is a master spying device that can be remotely hacked or controlled without the owner’s knowledge.

Cyber Training Institute in India

Relearn Academy, as the renowned cyber security institute in India, conducts a massive awareness program to teach businesses and the individuals how to use strong passwords and potential steps to avoid such hackings. This is because the floodgates of data and information and that the internet has opened and we cannot close it. We have no option but to drown in it even though when it is beneficial practically. The cyber security companies in India cannot eradicate this issue from the society but help you to prepare such problems by building a robust, secure “Digital Fort” to house “Digital India” that would protect our nation as well as our essential information from the cyber sharks.