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Cyberloop 2019

Attend the most influential live event of the year

Inspiring Talk

Q&A Session


Live Training

Learn from the top
experts in your industry

Relearn Academy is starting a new era of Cyber Security in India through its much anticipated Cyberloop a monthly chapter.

Cyberloop will provide you an unparalleled access to the information security community and deep insights into the latest research in area of cyber security. Get access to ground breaking briefings, cutting-edge open source tools which will provides ample opportunities for career advancement.

Cyber Security Expert in Chandigarh

Reasons to be an attendee at Cyberloop

Increase your Cyber Security Skills

Live Demonstration

50% Discount on Registration of Cyberloop.

Opportunity to be a part of Cyberloop Community

Increase your Cyber Security Skills

Be a Campus Ambassadors of Cyber Loop

Demo of Relearn’s Cyber Security Labs



High-Tea at a Five Star Hotel

Only 100 seats

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your skills in some of the most technical, hands-on sessions from infrastructure hacking to incident response

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Registration Terms & Conditions

Once you have completed your registration participants will receive a badge cum hall ticket on their email-id. Hall Ticket cum Badge is required for entry at Cyberloop and both will incur a replacement fee if a duplicate of either is requested. Lost, misplaced, stolen, or forgotten badges will incur a replacement fee equal to the original purchase amount of your hall ticket.

Participants should have a badge and badge holder visible at all times during cyberloop.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Participants(who have submitted the fee for attending the Cyberloop) unable to attend Cyberloop under whatever circumstances will not claim for the refunds from organizers of Cyberloop or its partners. As we have no refund policy. 

Non-Registered Guests

All individuals in the Cyberloop must have a badge visible on their person at all times. Spouses, friends, peers, etc. are not granted access to the show floor without a badge. If you wish for them to accompany you to any of the conference events, you must register and pay the associated fees.


Certificates and badges are sent to the email address associated with the attendee registration. Certificates will not be issued to attendees not physically present during Cyberloop.