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Cyber Security Companies in Chandigarh

Cyberspace has emerged as a strategic domain, with deep relevance for governance, foreign policy making, internal security, defence and economy. Recognizing the strategic importance of cyberspace, and to secure India’s interests in the 21st century, the National Cyber Security Policy Р2013 called for the establishment of a think-tank for policy research and to facilitate deliberations on the pertinent issues like cyber diplomacy, cyber power, evolving doctrines and strategies of the global, national and state cyber scenerios, norms building for responsible state behaviour.

Cyber security Centre of excellence for the state will definitely help to established to provide research based inputs on key security issues related to cyberspace. The research outcomes are in the form of policy briefs, issue briefs and web commentaries, research papers, monographs and books on the strategically important themes. Deliberations and dialogues through round tables, workshops, seminars and international conferences with multiple stakeholders and interactions with global policy experts in this domain also feed into the multi-disciplinary research endeavour.

Cyber Security Companies in Chandigarh